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North London Travel Clinic offer a comprehensive travel service from travel accessories to vaccinations helping to keep you comfortable and safe on your travels.


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In order to ensure you receive the care you deserve and all of the information you need to keep you safe during your travels, our travel vaccinations include a comprehensive consultation.

During this consultation, the pharmacist will discuss your travel plans and vaccination history in order to build a bespoke travel vaccination plan that perfectly suits your needs.

Typically, our vaccination appointments can last 45 minutes but can last longer depending on which vaccinations you need, how many people are attending your appointment and whether any members have any special requirements. If you have a record of your previous vaccinations please bring this with you to your appointment, this will ensure we only provide the vaccinations you need saving you both time and money and preventing unnecessary vaccinations.  If travelling with children or others not used to the vaccination process we find it creates a more relaxed atmosphere if they are made aware of the vaccination process ahead of time.

If you are unsure which vaccinations you may need, please click here to view common vaccinations by destination. 

To view a comprehensive list of the vaccinations we offer, number of doses per course and price list, click here.


                                          Please note a £10 fee will be charged for your appointment.

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