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Daily Pills

We're here to help you manage your medication.
If you struggle to remember doses or just want to make life a little easier continue reading to learn about how we can help.

For many people taking medications the process can be quite confusing, particularly when taking several different types of medications or multiple doses throughout the day. At Reid's Pharmacy we offer a free medication management service which removes the confusion around when to take which medications and reduces the risk of doses being missed.

Those who struggle to remember to take their medications may find they suffer unpleasant side effects or ineffective treatment. Incorrect management of medications can also lead to taking more than the recommended dose and serious health issues.

Our dosette boxes allow us to organise medications before they are received by the patient. Each box contains a weeks worth of medication and the boxes are clearly marked with the days of the week and several times of day (morning, noon etc.) so that the patient can see when to take each medication.
In addition to organising medication, dosette boxes are great for those who struggle to open childproof bottles or to remove pills from blister packs. A dosette box is also a fantastic tool for those who care for elderly or vulnerable patients as they clearly show whether or not the patient has taken their medications and when their next dose is due. When coupled with our free repeat prescription service a dosette box makes managing your medication a simple and painless process; we will reorder your usual medication directly from your GP when it is due, relieving you of the need to do so yourself, all you need to do is come in and collect it!

Return of unwanted Medicines - 

Collection of unwanted medicines and out-of-date stock

NHS England makes arrangements for the collection and disposal of waste medi
If you would like to take advantage of any of these services please call us or visit us in store.

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