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Customer Feedback

At Reid's Pharmacy, we are always keen to gain feedback for the service we provide. Below are some of the comments we have received over the years, if you have an experience you wish to share with us please feel free to leave us a review!

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Travel Clinic Reviews

by Simon Robins - Posted on 01 March 2022

I went to get travel jabs, the pharmacist was unbelievably gentle with the jabs and extremely informative with other health travel information that I might need. As well as just being a nice person. Will be spreading only good advertising about this pharmacy.

by hazal - Posted on 12 February 2022

I visited the pharmacy today for a travel vaccine and it was a lovely experience. warm and welcoming place and people :))

by AJC - Posted on 29 January 2022

We used the travel vaccine service. Easy to book, even got reminders sent to us, very efficient on arrival, very knowledgeable, and everything we needed available. Very good COVID prevention measures in place. Staff were friendly and courteous. Would definitely return and highly recommend for anyone else needing this service.



NHS Reviews

by Tisha - Posted on 26 January 2022

This Pharmacy takes patient care to a whole new level! I visited the travel clinic services and left feeling really empowered and motivated about life in general. The staff are extremely inspiring and took a very holistic approach to my consultation. I left my appointment feeling calm, confident and comfortable, as well as well informed about my travel vaccinations and my life overall! This is so much more than a community pharmacy, this visit was the friendly pick me up I needed during such dark and gloomy times! I will definitely make them my first choice for any further pharmaceutical needs! To top it all off, I was given TWO chocolates for handling my vaccination so well, the pharmacist walked me through the process and it was almost entirely pain-free! The best customer service I have ever experienced for any service!

by Sabrina - Posted on 01 November 2021

Reliable, precise, professional, polite, caring… impeccable service!!! The pharmacist will assist you appropriately - advising you for your travel destination, making things smooth and clear. Would 100% go there again for all my trips.


by Marvin - Posted on 08 October 2021

Now that I have your attention, I can tell you how great this pharmacy is! I went there with my brother to get vaccines before we travelled and we weren't exactly thrilled to be getting them but the entire experience was amazing. The staff there were very helpful, attentive and adhered to Covid guidelines which helped put my mind (as well as other customers minds) at ease. The medical risks of my visit were properly explained and he went the extra mile to make sure that me and my brother were comfortable and left with a smile. The whole experience was enjoyable and I will always remember it.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Feedback from customer questionnaires

"I count this pharmacy as a blessing in my life”


“All the staff are always exceptionally efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.”


"I’m so happy I can’t say anything. Already a super service and super staff.”


“Excellent service.”


“Delightful and helpful pharmacy staff.”

Mystery Shoppers

"The interaction with the members of staff was first class and could not have been any better."


"I felt valued as a customer."


"The member of staff that helped me was really genuine, helpful and friendly and she took her time to help me. I would say her service was exceptional."


"The store looked immaculate, inside and out."


"The best part was the speed of the service and also the friendly and helpful member of staff."

 Complaints Procedure


If you are dissatisfied for any reason with any of our products or our service please contact the Pharmacist or a member of staff at the Pharmacy, in person or by Telephone, Email or Post.


Furthermore you may contact the Local  CCG on 020 3688 2800 or

The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) on

0845120 3784


You should raise any concerns or complaints within 12 months of the incident.

We will respond within 5 working days and hope to resolve or explain the issue within 28 working days


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