Customer Reviews

At Reid's Pharmacy, we are always keen to gain feedback in regards to our customer service. Here are some of the comments we have received over the years about the service we provide...

Reid's Pharmacy Edmonton, North London Travel Clinic, Reviews, NHS
Mystery Shoppers

"The interaction with the members of staff was first class and could not have been any better."


"I felt valued as a customer."


"The member of staff that helped me was really genuine, helpful and friendly and she took her time to help me. I would say her service was exceptional."


"The store looked immaculate, inside and out."


"The best part was the speed of the service and also the friendly and helpful member of staff."

NHS, Reids Pharmacy Edmonton, Reviews, North London
NHS Reviews

"I went to Reid's Pharmacy today and i must say that i found all of the staff there extremely friendly and professional."


"I have nothing but praise for the care and expertise of Reid's Pharmacy."


"Now I will never return to a chain store and consider it well worth having to drive to Reids instead of a short walk to my local chemist. Everything about them is first class with a smile. "

Reid's Pharmacy Edmonon, NHS, Feedback, Reviews

Feedback from customer questionnaires

"I count this pharmacy as a blessing in my life”


“All the staff are always exceptionally efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.”


"I’m so happy I can’t say anything. Already a super service and super staff.”


“Excellent service.”


“Delightful and helpful pharmacy staff.”

Reid's Pharmacy Edmonton, Travel Clinic, North London

"I am a slightly nervous person when it comes to injections/needles, but the pharmacist Terry was very calming and made me feel at ease and comfortable. The aftercare was brilliant too and he gave me alot of travel advice. Would highly recommend Reid's pharmacy to everyone."

"I visited the travel clinic in Reid's Pharmacy recently as I was travelling to Ghana and needed malaria tablets. I found the pharmacist extremely professional, very thorough and helpful. Not only did they address my immediate concern but they also did a complete assessment of my travel requirements and made appropriate recommendations."


"I highly recommend this Travel Clinic."


                                                                                     Complaints Procedure


If you are dissatisfied for any reason with any of our products or our service please contact the Pharmacist or a member of staff at the Pharmacy, in person or by Telephone, Email or Post.


Furthermore you may contact the Local  CCG on 020 3688 2800 or

The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) on

0845120 3784


You should raise any concerns or complaints within 12 months of the incident.

We will respond within 5 working days and hope to resolve or explain the issue within 28 working days